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InsideHook’s guide to self-improvement in 2014

  • 26 December 2013

This year, don’t make it so easy to disappoint yourself. Below, a few highly achievable resolutions and how to carry them out in 2014. 

Finca BellavistaI promised I'd go outside more often.
One word: treehouses. Like Finca Bellavista, a Swiss Family Robinson-style retreat in Costa Rica’s rainforest. Bring a group and zipline between cottages. Baumraum, meanwhile, can help you build your own: wired and minibar-ready.

RagnarI feel bad about my fat ass. 
Ragnar Trail Relays are 120-mile jaunts for teams across some of the country’s most beautiful locations, be it Tahoe, Vail or the Appalachians. More of a DIY fitness type? Apps like Hot5 map out five-minute workouts.

GentryI would like to dress better.
An impeccable tastemaker site like Gentry can keep you up with the times, offering hard-to-find menswear from around the globe. And to carry your duds: refined, veg-tanned leather baggage and travel gear from Octovo.

Grace ListI want to get better at networking.
An invite-only supper and wine club, The Block is designed to introduce you to new vinos, great food and fantastic company. The Grace List curates your guest list further, offering adventure-filled vacays with selective clientele.

Golf HovercraftI told myself I'd improve my golf game.
You and me both. May we suggest a golf cart hovercraft? Neoteric makes ‘em; Bubba Watson has one. And then there’s Kalos Golf, a golf tour company that offers, for example, a 12-day golf jaunt around New Zealand.

TequilaI resolve to keep drinking. 
Tequila. This the year tequila gets widespread attention as a sipping liquor. If you're more of a vino fan: I Know the Winemaker sources impossibly rare wines and gives you a cheat-sheet for tasting notes as well. Drink smart, fellas.

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