A Self-Balancing One-Wheeled Scooter to Show the World You've Arrived

Hoverboard too flammable? Try this.

By Alex Lauer

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01 June 2017

Who would have predicted the scooter renaissance? Helmeted men in suits dodging traffic on big boy versions of the kid cruiser … it’s a mad, mad world.

That said, should you be in need of a similar transportation option, but find the scooter too childish, the bicycle too bulky, the hoverboard too flammable and any skateboard-variant too prone to tossing your well-groomed personage into the pavement — there’s the Kiwano K01.

Technically a one-wheeled electric scooter, Designboom likens it to “a 90’s pogo stick crossed with a vacuum cleaner,” whereas we see the inevitable evolution of the Segway — since it’s put in motion by the rider leaning forwards or backwards.

Kiwano K01 Scooter (2 images)

It also comes with a paired smartphone app. “Do you really need an app for your scooter?” asks the peanut gallery. Of course you do, plebeians, especially if you can drive the scooter from said app. Even better: hit the “follow me” feature which makes it tag along behind you like a slimmer, less talkative R2-D2.

Of course, the carbon fiber, zinc alloy and flexi polycarbonate vehicle includes more practical features as well. With a shock suspension system, fireproof safety shield, LCD display, difficulty settings and optional all-terrain tire, you can think of it like an easy-to-use urban off-roader. Without the potential spontaneous combustion.

Since the Kiwano K01 was only launched in May, with the first batch shipping in July, you can scoop one up for $800 (the regular price is listed at $1,000).

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