Never Lose Your Gear Bag at the Airport Again

Virtual valet company DUFL debuts a sports-specific arm

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Never Lose Your Golf/Ski/Fishing Bag at the Airport Again
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23 February 2016

Easiest way to ruin a golf, fishing or hiking vacation? Failed baggage delivery.

Easiest way to short-circuit an airline’s best attempts to do just that? Let someone else handle it.

Someone like DUFL Sports, a new service that will let users store, transport and access their fishing, cycling, diving, golf, snowboarding, hiking, and skiing gear without having to haul it the airport and back.

We’ve told you about DUFL — an app-based service that stores, ships and cleans suits and dress shirts for working travelers — before. DUFL Sports is their new entry into the world of leisure travel.

“DUFL Sports is perfect for anyone who wants to eliminate the hassles of traveling with their sports gear, but it’s also an ideal solution for active people who live in large cities in apartments with limited storage space,” says DUFL founder and CEO Bill Rinehart.

The DUFL sports lockers, which are big enough to hold golf clubs and ski equipment, cost $9.95 a month, while three-day, round-trip shipping for golf clubs starts at $75 (including cleaning). Price quotes for other pieces of gear vary by size.

Give ‘em a sporting chance.

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