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The OD-11, a classic speaker updated for the future

  • 05 March 2013

Were things really better in the old days?

Well, scurvy.

But as far as home audio goes: definitely. Richer sounds, more stylish gear. Only problem: not so good at streaming cloud-based music.

Solving that challenge: the OD-11, a sleek update of the classic ‘74 speaker designed by Stig Carlsson, also known as the Swedish Steve Jobs.

The updated OD-11 maintains the old system’s best qualities: it’s minimalist. Its controls are hidden. And an angled tweeter and woofer allow music to surround the listener from any part of the room.

But peek inside, and step into the future.

Streaming tunes from a cloud. Wireless connections for up to four speakers.

OD-11 Remote

And then there’s the remote: an inventive, puck-like device that runs for years on a single-cell battery and ingeniously works with just a few wrist motions (press it to play/skip a trick, rotate to raise the volume).

Plus, it’s got a magnet on the back, so you can stick the remote anywhere you want, be it the fridge or the speaker itself.

Remotes: definitely better than the old days.

The Specifics

Teenage Engineering

Available for pre-order 

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