NASA's Murdered-Out Rover Would Look Right at Home in Gotham City

Mars rover, Mars rover, send Batman on over

By Shari Gab

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07 June 2017

All of our childhood dreams just collided.

One part superhero car, one part space voyager, please meet the recently unveiled NASA Mars rover concept. Okay, so this murdered-out tank might not grace the Red Planet for a decade or so, or ever for that matter. But it’s intended to inspire youth to engage in the space program.

But let’s just dream together for a moment, shall we?

Presented at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex's Summer of Mars program, the Mars rover concept was built by Florida-based Parker Brothers Concepts, the same company responsible for the Tron motorcycle. Running on a 700-volt battery, it’s charged via integrated solar panels and is equipped with a GPS and a radio. We’re thinking that would necessitate a metal Mars-inspired playlist for certain.

It fits four astronauts with a self-sustaining rear section that can detach from the rest of the vehicle for outings. Atop six wheels — perfect for some serious interplanetary terrain — it’s equipped with plenty of traction slots to withstand the elements.

The menace will be on display at the Visitor Complex through the next few weesk and then take off for a tour to multiple locations along the east coast.

Forget whether there’s life on Mars. By the looks of it, there’s gonna be a full-on party.

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