Let's Set the Record Straight: It's an E-Bike, Not a Motorcycle

Look pa, no pedals

By Evan Bleier

Let's Set the Record Straight: It's an E-Bike, Not a Motorcycle
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12 June 2017

Is it a bike? Or a motorcycle? Maybe it's a moped?

It does 30 MPH and requires no pedaling, so does it really matter?

Whatever you choose to call the Munro 2.0 from China-based Munro Motor, the important thing to know is that the 77-pound ride has a Bosch motor and a pair of batteries powering its rear wheel, giving it an all-electric range of 30 miles. 

Munro Bike (6 images)

Instead of pedals, the retro-style build has footrests. Munro even when through the trouble of outfitting the electric steed with front and rear shocks that look good and hopefully work even better. Coated in a UV-protected finish to keep it sparkling, Munro 2.0 even has USB ports for charging purposes.

“As people become more and more environmentally conscious, people are changing their transport options,” Munro’s founder Zack Wong told TechCrunch. “It’s foreseeable that electric vehicles will be the mainstream in the vehicle market.”

Fair enough, but no word on when exactly this particular electric vehicle will be available. However, when it arrives, the Munro 2.0 will reportedly cost $1,700.

Maybe we’ll figure out exactly what to call it by then.

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