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Skull Candy

Shark jaws, like you’ve never seen them before

  • 29 April 2013

Animal trophies say something about a man's hunting prowess.

Take the Big Mouth Billy Bass. That says you’ve stalked and killed a K-Mart. 

Leave the animatronic puppets in aisle five, friend; reveal your aesthetic prowess instead with Stephan Alexander's mounts, taking orders now.

Sourced from imports and fossils found during high desert excursions in the Southwest, Alexander’s car-painted skulls are sporty. Not to mention powerful. They're the Porsches of wall-mounts.

Once he gets the shark, blesbok, bull or African warthog bones in his hands, he boils them, buries ‘em in salt to dry and cleans them out.

Mount Your Maker

From there, he finishes his pieces with car-paint and an airbrush, leaving a high gloss, brightly-colored line of wall mounts with names like “Cocaine Caribou” and “Candy Dipped Shark Jaw.”

Currently Alexander sells his pieces as “one of a kind,” as each skull is different. Custom orders are also available.

And arriving right around now: a new collection of white-tailed deer craniums and zebra skulls.

Just some stripes of a different color.

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Mount Your Maker


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