Motor Trend’s Apple Car “Exclusive” Leads to Massive Trolling

See it … and maybe believe it

By The Editors

Motor Trend’s Apple Car “Exclusive” Leads to Massive Trolling
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15 April 2016

Perhaps a stunt better suited for April Fools’ Day, Motor Trend this week unveiled a car rendering believed to be the Apple Car.

The magazine’s vision of the tech giant’s code-named “Project Titan” — which was touted as an exclusive sneak-peek — is a boxy, four-seater with a golden glazed exterior that comes equipped with autonomous technology, intelligent interfaces and an augmented reality windshield.

Exciting as that is, there’s one problem:

Many industry experts found Motor Trend’s “exclusive” to be exclusive hogwash.

Macworld‘s editor-in-chief Jon Phillips called the design “simultaneously sublime and disturbing” and said it looked like a “throat lozenge cast in iPhone gold.”

Christopher Mims of the Wall Street Journal said the rendering was “just embarrassing.”

Jalopnik called the Apple Car vision an "egg on wheels” and countered with an exclusive of its own. Ouch.

Apple Car28:59

Did Motor Trend nail it or was their rendering an epic guessing game fail?

With any more official news, we’ll find out.

Images via Motor Trend

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