The Hybrid German/Japanese Knives Every Gentlechef Needs

At a price that can't be beat, to boot

By Reuben Brody

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23 August 2017

When it comes to kitchen knives, there are but two choices: German or Japanese.

Both work with high-grade steel, but they make them slightly differently. German blades are usually a touch thicker — to handle chopping — whereas the Japanese opt for a thinner, more precise blade perfect for slicing (here’s a primer on that).

But now Nagasaki, an upstart Spanish company operating under a Japanese name, has emerged with a hybrid concept that combines Japanese Damascus steel with Germany's famous knack for craftsmanship. The result is a well-balanced blade that can handle chopping, slicing and every culinary task in between.

nagasaki knife (5 images)

Nagasaki first came on the scene last year, when they successfully funded a pebbled chef's knife on Kickstarter. Now they’re expanding on that concept with the introduction of a vegetable and paring knife in addition to the chef’s blade. Each is made with 67 layers of Japanese VG10 steel that won't rust and rarely needs sharpening.

They’re also pretty dang handsome thanks to the watermarking and wooden handles.

A decent Japanese chef’s knife will run you about $200-250. But Nagasaki is offering all three of their knives on Kickstarter right now for $324, to be delivered in December — just in time for Christmas. You could slice (or chop) one person off your gift list right now.

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