The Morning Routines of Nine Highly Successful People, in Your Calendar

The best part of waking up is ... tips from Tim Ferriss?

By Kirk Miller

Morning Routine
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13 June 2017

Waking up is possibly the most agonizing thing you do each day.

But since the way you get going in the morning will set the tone for all of your waking hours, you'd be wise to take it seriously.

Helping you master your morning: Morning Routine, a just-updated daily-habits app that now includes the morning routines of nine successful men and women.

Admittedly, the routines are pretty basic, and culled from already available interviews and YouTube videos. Still, the app makes them available in one space, with automatic integration into the app's calendar.

A few things we learned about waking up from successful people, via Morning Routine:

Tony Robbins: Take 10 minutes out of your morning to prime yourself — it's a routine that involves a bit of specialized breathing, followed by three minutes of visualizing thing in your life for which you have gratitude (e.g., your children), three minutes of things you need to do (e.g., your laundry) and three minutes of expressing and sending love (ahem, that would be to other people).

Tim Ferriss: To "win the day,” the author and lifehacker utilizes a 10-minute routine centered around mindfulness — it’s a broad category, but he suggests using an app such as Headspace (or any type of guided meditation).

Cameron Diaz: Forget an hour on the treadmill. The fit actress does 10 minutes of high-intensity interval cardio.

Plus, morning tips from Oprah (lunch prep, spiritual reading and meditation), Michelle Obama (a thirty-minute workout) and Arianna Huffington (a mix of intention setting, meditation, exercise and, yes, coffee).

Morning Routine is available for free on iOS.

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