It's Not Exactly Mint, but This Flying Car Prototype Is for Sale

If you know how to use a wrench and don't mind crash landing

By Shari Gab

eBay's Best Listing Is This Flying Car Prototype
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07 July 2017

Forget waiting for that Slovakian flying car we were promised this year.

There’s a fanciful alternative ready to be scooped up right now. The intrepid Paul Moller had a dream — and a TEDtalk — to create a flying car. Forty years and approximately (are you sitting down?) $150,000,000 later, that dream became a reality. Sort of ... he’s auctioning off his prototype on eBay.

Skycar (4 images)

The G90 M400 Skycar’s production has created a bumpy path of obstacles for Moller, who in 2003 launched an unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign to fund the project. So it seems, selling the 2001 prototype is an alternative to line his pockets with some much-needed coin to move forward.

Taking flight means you’re going to have to meet his $1m reserve. But that’s chump change considering a new Skycar make goes for $5m.

Moller’s last go-round trying to auction on eBay in 2006 was a flop as the reserve was never met. This, perhaps, because while the Skycar does indeed fly, the FAA isn’t having it without some serious and costly repairs.

But should you be up for the challenge, you would be the proud owner of a 720 hp ride capable of a vertical take-off and landing.  Anything else remains to be seen.

Whether you’re into wrenching it to perfection or not, this is guaranteed to be a collector’s crown jewel.

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