The Ferret Scout 4x4 Is a Modified Marvel From the Past

It seems 1959 was a great year for badassery

By Evan Bleier

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22 July 2016

 When ferrets get excited, they do a series of hops, leaps and rolls called the weasel war dance.

When the ’59 Ferret Scout gets amped, it doesn’t dance, but it does roll ... over anything in sight.

Outfitted with a set of six Toyo Open Country tires in order to show what the max-traction tires are capable of when the rubber meets the off-road, a modified 1959 British Ferret 4x4 Military Scout from Action Vehicle Engineering is the star of a new YouTube from Toyo.

The Ferret — which was driven by off-road champion BJ Baldwin  — easily conquered obstacles like rocks, rivers, logs and sand traps in the clip thanks to its Chevrolet LS V8 engine.

In order to provide Baldwin with a smoother ride, Action Vehicle Engineering gave the Ferret two custom wheels (each of which receieve power from their own hydraulic motor), added a set of King Shocks to the Scout’s suspension and attached a custom-built grappling hook launcher and a winch.


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