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By The Editors

“It’s Like a Dirty Magazine from the Sixties”
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10 September 2015

What if we told you there was a refined coffee table book of positively breathtaking nekkid photos that wouldn’t offend your wife, girlfriend or boss?

That’s what we’re telling you.

From photographer/publisher Asher Moss:

"It's like a dirty magazine from the sixties, except huge and 246 pages of pure unadulterated class. Put down your phone and pick up this god damn beast of a book."

The recently released Miss Lonely is a hypnotic, nostalgic masterpiece of the female form. There’s no Photoshopping. No adding or subtracting of parts. Just the intimate beauty of imperfection.

As if we weren’t already hitting order (which you can do here), “a percentage of each book sold goes to help fight human trafficking.”

While you’re waiting on bated breath for your next UPS delivery, have a look at a behind-the-scenes video sneak peek here (we mentioned this wasn’t safe for work, right?).

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