Meat and Eat

Win a year of the best meats, beer and wine on the planet

By The Editors

Win a Year of the Best Meats, Beer and Wine on the Planet
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05 June 2016

Picture the perfect night at home.

Cold glass of beer in hand, your favorite tunes on the speakers and the grill softly sizzling at around 500 Fahrenheit.

The surest way to spoil it all? Slapping some grocery-store slabs over the flame.

Don’t be that guy. Instead, your shopping list should look something like this: prime charcuterie, grass-fed beef, craft beers and medal-winning wine.

But why buy it when you can get it for free? Delivered monthly. For an entire year. 

We’re setting up one lucky winner with: 

• One year membership to Craft Beer Club
• One year membership to Gold Medal Wine Club 
• One year membership to the Carnivore Club, box info here
• Six-month membership to Butcher Box, box info here 

Now you'll have everything you need to have the perfect night in, 365 nights in a row.

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