See You in Japan, Where Mario Kart Is Now a (Virtual) Reality

We don't deserve this. But we'll take it.

By Evan Bleier

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14 June 2017

Whether you're a Yoshi (boring), a Toad (unassailable) or a Bowser (impressive), if you love Mario Kart, you may want to book a flight to Tokyo.

To the delight of Karters the world over, Bandai Namco’s new VR Zone arcade just debuted a version of the racing game that pairs an HTC Vive headset with a steering wheel and motion-control wristbands for the most dynamic iteration of the game ever realized.

If the above promo video for Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix VR is accurate (the Mario Kart portion starts around the 0:30 mark), the game will allow players to witness the game from a first-person view with dizzying — and awe-inspiring — accuracy.

Featuring all the tricks, traps and jumps that have appeared in previous versions of the game, Mario Kart VR should pair perfectly with Funions, Mountain Dew and a dose of this stuff.

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