An Intimate Look at the Final Days of Marilyn Monroe

The last photos of America's favorite starlet

By Shari Gab

An Intimate Look at the Final Days of Marilyn Monroe
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09 June 2017

Back in 1962 at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, Bert Stern kicked around for two days and a night photographing definitive blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe.

The collection of 2,571 photos would tragically come to be known as The Last Sitting.

Just six weeks later the news of the Monroe's passing would flood the papers. And the very next day Vogue magazine would release Stern’s spread giving an intimate look into her last days.

In honor of the gone but never forgotten star, 59 of the most symbolic photos are on display at DS World Paris through early next year. 

marilyn (3 images)

The collection is displayed alongside DS car models, including an especially rare DS 21 Cabriolet US Export from '66, drawing parallels between two timeless entities — way ahead of their time — that went on to become icons. 

Says Stern in a press release for the show: “I wanted to photograph her one last time. She wasn’t moving. I looked around the room. It was like a bomb had gone off, bottles of champagne all over, Marilyn’s shoes in the corner, an overturned champagne bottle. I opened the door carefully. It was all over, she was asleep.”

Equal parts sensual and moving, Marilyn: The Last Sitting sings with the truth of the rise and fall of the era’s glamour.

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