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The Apology Concierge gets you out of hot water

  • 21 September 2012

Hey. You screwed up. Forgot an anniversary maybe, or made such an egregious misstep that a conventional bow and scrape just won't do. You need to say “I’m sorry” properly.

So dial up The Apology Concierge.

Started by an executive coach well-versed in “guys who have a lot on the line” and with a snarky sense of humor (check out their Twitter handle), the Concierge crafts customized "I'm sorry packages" for busy and/or clueless and/or cluelessly busy men to give the women in their life.

We're not talking chocolate and flowers. The boutique gift packages include earrings, handbags, beauty products, leather clutches, dresses, spa packages, and many other things that women apparently like. Each gift package can be customized with help from the Concierge, as can the apology — phone consultations are included (as are confidentiality agreements).

Packages start at $250 (brass jewelry, lip gloss, eye shadow, etc.) and top out at $50,000 with “The Kobe” — including diamonds, which will last almost as long as her memory of your indiscretion.

Concierge also offers the "Drama Free Year" — four gift packages timed to arrive at her door on her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day and one other occasion of your choosing — and they're giving InsideHook readers a 15% discount.

Because you’re a busy guy. You’ll need to plan those apologies in advance.

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The Apology Concierge

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