Fancy All-Metal Headphones That'll Roll Up If You Want

For the low, low price of $3K

By Kirk Miller

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05 July 2017

Your on-going headphones dilemma can be summed up thusly:

Portability vs. sound quality. It’s an either/or scenario. But Luzli has a solution that sounds promising, albeit crazy expensive.

The Swiss company’s new Roller MK01 Headphones are handmade, on-ear headphones that utilize 22 separate stainless steel springs in the headband, allowing you to roll the device up like a metal link bracelet. Meaning, you can throw these in a small bag or even jacket pocket when not in use.

Luzli (4 images)

As well, those multiple springs make the headphones more ergonomically friendly for your head. Each set is individually handmade in Switzerland and arrives with a wooden display case and suede travel bag, as well as an engraved nameplate.

Which is all great, but so far they’ve only released 10 of these headsets, and they’re retailing for $3,000.

Sound advice: try before you buy?

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