Hinckley Now Makes Sport Boats, If You're Into That Kind of Thing

The king of American yachts would like to take you waterskiing

By Zachary Weiss

Hinckley Now Makes Sport Boats, If You're Into That Kind of Thing
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17 September 2018

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Simply put, there’s nothing quite like a Hinckley. These American-made boats have set the standard for luxury yachting, and the shape of their crowd-favorite Picnic Boat is unmistakable, even when viewed from the shore. Inside, Hinckley boats combine all the bells and whistles into the perfect vessel for entertaining guests or basking in the summer sun.

With this in mind, Hinckley has now set out to provide an option for a different sort of boating aficionado — the speed demon. Enter the Hinckley 40C, the debut creation of the Hinckley Sport Boats vertical. This performance-driven masterpiece offers the same luxurious appointments as the Picnic Boat, but with a top speed of 63 MPH with optional power — 20 mph more than its classic Picnic counterpart.

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On the technical front, the 40C build utilizes infused epoxy, meaning the vessel is both ultra-light and ultra-durable. Plus, for the seafaring spy on the go, there’s also an inner layer of carbon fiber laid bow to stern with a companion outer layer of Kevlar™ for bulletproof puncture resistance.

To those that enjoy gadgetry, the Hinckley 40C has you covered. And the most striking of its tech details is the automatic hull-side door. With the push of a button, the door slides open smoothly, welcoming your guests in style. From there, fully-equipped accessories include an ice maker, electric grill, cappuccino machine, pressurized fresh water shower, and a “gyro stabilizer,” designed to eliminate up to 95% of rocking while docked or at sea.

Altogether, the 40C is a response to a modern need for speedy travel by boat that hasn’t been seen in nearly 100 years. “Two things have happened in the market recently,” explained Scott Bryant, vice president of product development and engineering at Hinckley. “Our customers’ lives are becoming ever more time-pressed and outboard powered boats have begun to reach performance thresholds that are beginning to change the way people use and experience their boats. … Our boat-building expertise allows us to reach new performance levels that will change how you boat with your family in this modern world.”

To begin building your very own Hinckley 40C, visit their website. Pricing starts at $735,000.

All images via Hinckley

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