This Slovenian Company Creates Entire Pre-Fab Camping Villages

How to get your very own glampground off the ground

By Tanner Garrity

This Slovenian Company Creates Entire Pre-Fab Camping Villages
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07 January 2019

So your cousin's making bank renting out an Airbnb, and you figured it's time you took the plunge. 

Before you look into listing a swanky apartment or beach cottage, you might want to consider creating your own little luxury campground.

Seriously. Thanks to the pre-fab efforts of a company like Lushna Group, it's actually possible for the layman to get a glampground off the ground. 

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How does it work? The Slovenia-based company offers a variety of setups — entire villas and suites, plus individual items like saunas and hot tubs — that can be mixed and matched to create your very own high-end, off-site village. Once you've got some land handy (preferably near outdoor pursuits people would want to travel to) Lushna will literally deliver the the cabins to your door, each pyramidal and clad in handsome larch wood. 

That's not the end of the story, though. Lushna will also stick around as a bona fide small business consultant, helping you analayze costs, generate a reasonable business plan, build a brand strategy ... even operate a website. Not to mention, they'll promote the property on their site and social media channels. Here are a couple examples of finished products: eco venues in Upstate New York, and along the coast in England.   

For more information on the service, head here

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