The Model-a-Day Advent Calendar. Merry Xmas.

Emily Ratajkowski. Pam Anderson. Irina Shayk. How festive!

By The Editors

The Model-a-Day Advent Calendar.
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10 December 2015

Advent calendar makers of the world, lend us your ears:

You may have your chocolates. Your little airplane bottles of whisky and gin. But none surpasses this: the annual LOVE Advent Calendar from UK-based LOVE Magazine, a countdown of sexy but tasteful short films that brings you a new scantily clad supermodel every day.

Irina Shayk on a deserted beach. Miranda Kerr taking a dip in the pool. Emily Ratajkowski dancing in slow motion.

At publish time, we’re on day 10 of 31. Bookmark the LOVE Advent Calendar to follow along.

Happy holidays.

Day 8: Emily Ratajkowski2:17

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LOVE Advent Calendar

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