Look Ma, No Hands: See an E-Car on Autopilot

The Tesla Model S now comes with a “Summon” feature

By The Editors

Look Ma, No Hands: See an Electric Car’s Autopilot Mode at Work
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27 January 2016

Having an extra five minutes in the morning to finish your coffee, play with your dog or start the first chapter of the Great American Novel would be a welcome addition to your life, right?

Don’t worry, Fitzgerald, Tesla’s got you.

A new software update for the Model S will allow owners of the zero-emission electric car to simply hail their car by tapping a button on the Tesla smartphone app.

Revolutionize Your Commute 1:09

In addition to the Summon feature, a video showcasing the updated 7.1 software shows the Model S going 65 MPH on a curvy highway while being guided by traffic-aware cruise control and changing lanes, with its driver only having to tap the turn signal.

The Autopilot feature, which is a “super high priority” for Elon Musk, also enables the Model S to scan for a parking space, display an alert when one is available and parallel park on command.

If that innovative display doesn’t inspire you to get cracking on the book, maybe this will.

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