Live Under a Garden, in This Literal Man Cave

Eat your heart out, Bilbo Baggins

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Live Under a Garden, in This Literal Man Cave
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01 December 2015

Man caves. 

Too often, the phrase is a figurative one. 

Green Magic Homes, though, has found a way to make the representational actual, with their subterranean home kits.

The company sells pre-fabricated kits for domical homes, ranging from the 400-square-foot Waikiki to the 1,900-square-foot Mediterraneo. They can go just about anywhere — even hurricane-prone areas — provided that your location is high-enough-up that it's not subject to flooding.

Uncovered, your average Green Magic Home looks like a rounded storage unit. Not exactly Pritzker Prize material.

But they are designed to be covered in a thick layer of vegetation to camouflage (and also heat-regulate and damp-proof) the home underneath. GMH says basically anything goes, from a tree (with non-invasive roots) to actual crops. 

We're sure most people are happy with ivy, or grass. But that's your call. 

Speaking of: if the Waikiki, the Mediterraneo or the other existing plans don't match up to your lifestyle requirements, you're free to design your own — they'll modify things to fit your specs.

Assembly takes a matter of days.  

Growing the roof, well, that depends on the greenness of your thumb, Señor Chavez.

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