LinkedIn Will Now Find You a Mentor, for Free

In other news, LinkedIn will now find you a protege, for free

By Kirk Miller

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11 July 2017

“You can always tell someone to go to hell tomorrow.”

That bon mot comes courtesy of Warren Buffett, and it’s damn good mentoring advice.

LinkedIn is now hoping to offer some of that wisdom, and more. Starting this week, the site is testing a service that matches its members with professionals who can and want give them much-needed career advice (it turns out that 89% of LinkedIn's “senior leaders” are interested in helping other members).

To start, you’ll sign up to be a mentor or mentee on your profile’s dashboard. From there, you provide what you’re looking for and narrow it down by industry, region, etc. Then LinkedIn matches you with a potential Buffett (or Mr. Miyagi).

Best of all? This service, and subsequent advice, is free, although currently limited to a number of beta users.

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