This Device Will Turn Your Digital Doodles Into Real Works of Art

You draw. It draws. How novel.

By Kirk Miller

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03 February 2017

Robots are taking over. The writing’s on the wall — literally.

Just launched on Kickstarter, Line-us (pronounced "Linus") is a small robot arm that actually draws what you sketch on your screen. Started by a former Apple vet and an AI expert, Line-us connects with your smartphone/computer screen via Wi-Fi and mimics your sketches in real time.

Line-us (4 images)

The robot uses a pen or pencil and works on any writable surface. It’s also mountable, if you want to put it on a wall or fridge.

The creators suggest using it for writing messages, making art or playing games.

With 27 days still to go, Line-us has already reached its funding goal. The initial units start at $86 and ship in October.

(H/t The Verge)

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