The Former World's Fastest Production Motorcycle Wants Its Crown Back

Records will be set in Bonneville this month

By Evan Bleier

The Former World's Fastest Production Motorcycle Wants Its Crown Back
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08 August 2017

If speed is your passion, then Bonneville Speedway in the Utah desert must certainly be your Mecca

A site where land speed records go to die and be reborn, the Bonneville Salt Flats will welcome racers of all stripes later this month, among them a past champ: Lightning Motorcycles.

Lightning, which brought their juiced-up electric motorcycle to Bonneville in August 2012 and departed with the record for fastest, street-legal production bike in the world after averaging a two-way speed of 218 MPH, is hoping to shatter their own mark and wrest the title back from the Kawasaki H2R, who beat the record by a measly 2 MPH. 

Lightning is rolling up to the event with their new LS-2??RR prototype (those question marks will be replaced with the top speed number), a bike that uses a high-density battery pack and a cutting-edge electric drivetrain system. 

Lightning Bike (3 images)

What will actually happen at Bonneville Speed Week —which takes place from August 12th-18th — remains to be seen, but Lightning CEO Richard Hatfield sounds confident that rider Jim Hoogerhyde and the LS-2?? RR will make this year’s desert gathering a “special event.”

"You know, I hate to make predictions, because the universe tends to punish me when I make predictions,” Hatfield told New Atlas. “Let's say this: if we manage to go faster than we did before, I'll consider it a success. If we get into the 220s, I'll consider it a big success, and anything over that will be whipped cream and ice cream on top of it."

As speed fans, we’re hoping Lightning gets their sundae. Here’s a quick look at the company:

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