LG's New Portable 4K Projector Beams a 150-Inch Screen Anywhere

The hardest part? Finding a wall big enough to contain it.

By Kirk Miller

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05 January 2018

New year, new tech.

And if we had to project our future ... well, we found the projector we’d use. LG’s new 4K projector HU80KA just took home a CES Best of Innovation award, and for good reason: The portable, upright unit (it looks a bit like a small trash can with a handle) is the company’s first 4K UHD model, and it projects a sharp image up to 150 inches wide at 2,500 lumens.

You can mount the projector on the wall, place on a floor or hang from the ceiling — LG claims it’s about half the size of other 4K projectors.

A smart device, the HU80KA also features USB, Ethernet, HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity, as well two built-in 7W speakers.

While the projector will be on display at CES for the week of Jan. 9-12, no price has been set.

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