Larry the Portable Security Guard Will Gladly Watch Your Sh*t

G'head and leave your stuff at the beach. Larry sees all.

By Kirk Miller

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13 July 2017

Hard to relax on the beach when you have to constantly monitor your stuff.

Let Larry do it instead.

Not your dimwitted friend Larry. This “Larry” is a pocket-sized alarm that creates an invisible “shield” around your things. When this field is broken, a loud voice warning is triggered and 15 sequential photos from Larry’s built-in camera are sent to your phone.

The security cam features a suction cup mount and a Velcro strap tie-down, so you can pretty much place it anywhere (tent, cooler, car top, etc.). It’s weather-resistant and good for eight hours of continuous use between charges, making it perfect for those moments during daytime trips when you need to step out.

Thanks, Larry.

H/t Bless This Stuff

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