Lamborghini Restores a One-Off Miura Made Famous by '70s Comics

Would you rather: This, or the Batmobile?

By Evan Bleier

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28 June 2018

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We’re going to go out on a limb and guess you aren’t all that familiar with the Circuit Wolf series of comic books.

However, if you are in fact knowledgeable about adventure and racing manga published in Japan in the ‘70s, the car below needs no intro. Also, a tip o’ the cap to you, good sir.

For Circuit Wolf newbies, you’re looking at the Lamborghini Miura SVR, a one-off variation of Lambo’s already rare Miura SVJ that was designed to be even more race-ready and extreme than the standard model.

Miura 1 (5 images)

Described by the Italian marque as “one of the most astonishing Lamborghinis ever built,” the SVR began its life as a standard regular Miura that eventually found its way into the arms of a German named Heinz Straber, who commissioned its transformation.

But the Lambo-orchestrated conversion apparently took too long for Straber’s liking, as he arranged for the one-of-one SVR to be sold to a gentleman in Japan right after it was finished. His loss.

Upon landing in Japan, the car became known in certain pop culture circles when it was used as the model for a race car in the CW comic books as well as was turned into a 1:18 scale version which was sold by toymaker Kyosho.

Made especially distinguishable thanks to its roof-mounted wing, the left-hand drive Miura SVR must have gotten into some trouble in its four-plus decades in Japan and looked really good while doing it.

That said, apparently those records are sealed as Lambo isn’t saying much other than that the Miura SVR just went under the wrench for a restoration.

Now newly restored to its past glory by the company’s Polo Storico department over the course of 19 months, chassis No. 3781 (also engine No. 2511 and body No. 383) only has a few new additions which were tacked on to improve safety during exhibitions on the raceway.

Miura 2 (4 images)

Originally packing a 385-horsepower V12 capable of producing specs close to a 170 miles per hour top speed and a 0-60 time of 5.75 seconds, the updated SVR can likely beat those speed times handily, and safely to boot.

“The challenge for the Polo Storico team was daunting as the car arrived in Sant’Agata in pieces, although the parts were all there, and with considerable modifications,” said Lamborghini Polo Storico director Paolo Gabrielli. “The only variations on the original specifications were the addition of 4-point safety belts, more supportive seats and a removable roll bar. These were expressly requested by the customer.”

We’re guessing that customer is pretty satisfied—and popular with the manga community.

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