No Surprise That Kurt Cobain Was Also an Angsty, Talented Painter

Recently uncovered paintings reveal humor and anger

By Kirk Miller

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09 August 2017

Kurt Cobain was an artist, of course.

That he was also a visual artist, however, may not be widely known. Recently, a series of paintings, drawings (including one that looks like Eddie from Iron Maiden), comics (“Crybaby Jerkins”) and collages from the late Nirvana frontman went on display in Seattle at the UTA Artist Space.

The exhibit closed August 6th, but the paintings can be seen online over at Dazed.

Cobain (6 images)

Among the uncovered artwork includes a piece called “Incesticide,” which later doubled as the cover of the band’s 1992 compilation album.

As Dazed recounts from the gallery’s exhibition guide: “Cobain’s paintings, while not yet as well-known as his music, provide insight into the artist’s experience and present an important art historical narrative that together with his music legacy, tells a gritty story of youth culture in the 1990s.”

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