You Could Build This Two-Story Home Over a Long Weekend

My, what a tiny palace you have!

By Diane Rommel

You Could Build This 2-Story Home Over a Long Weekend
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21 June 2017

That's a good-looking house, no

If you've got some land, anywhere, you can have one of your own — and get it up in just four days. 

That's some Shaker-level house raising abilities right there. 

The Kiss, as it's called, isn't exactly a tiny house — in fact, it's an expansion inspired by smaller model, called the Mini, from Swedish creator Jonas Wagell. The 160-square-foot Mini was meant for quick — and by quick, we mean "two-day" — installations and easy-breezy summertime usage. Vacation land, meet vacation home.  It was especially popular in Sweden, and they know a thing or two about summer houses.

kiss house (6 images)

By contrast, the Kiss could be used for day-in, day-out living, as it's available in two-, three-, and even four-bedroom models (up to 1,500 square feet), while only adding an additional two days of assembly time to the total. For eco-minded homeowners looking to marry a small footprint with minimal materials waste, the Kiss has been developed with that in mind: It's made with cross-laminated timber produced by managed forests where more trees are planted than harvested. Put another — and incredible — way: "Each Kiss House will regrow in approximately one hour," the project's director, Mike Jacob, told New Atlas. Once the concrete slab foundation is in place, assembly will take less than a week. 

The best part? Unlike some of these super-stylish European flatpacked homes, this one's available for shipping anywhere in the world — throw the boxes on a container ship, wait, and build. Super straightforward and environmentally conscious — all that's left to consider is the price. Manufactured in the U.K., the cost for British buyers is about $2,550 per square meter, for a "fully fitted model." The two-bedroom model is 80 square meters, so just over $200,000 — or, if you're into the DIY aspect, budget less for an "empty shell" model with just the basics. 

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