Kind of a Big Deal: September 27th

Flannels, dashcams and a culinary trip to S.F.

By The Editors

Kind of a Big Deal: The Culinary SF Trip You’ve Been Wanting
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27 September 2016

Welcome to Kind of a Big Deal, a daily roundup of great sales on the brands and items you love (tech, shoes, style, travel, etc.), as sourced from the depths of the interwebs

Charcoal Herringbone Flannel
The folks at Casavva sought to make a shirt that is of durable flannel material, in basic colors more suitable to the workplace. Get our favorite for only $100.

DashCam Hi-Res Car Video Camera
For only $25 (73% off) it comes with a 1920x1080p resolution and 8GB SD card. Great for making fun videos or documenting driving in case of accidents.

Men’s Plaid Cotton Robe
Because everyone should have a robe, especially when they are 56% off. Plus they’re especially great in the colder months, and believe you me, winter is coming.

Gamo Double Gusset Sweatshirt
Another very important staple of any wardrobe. Also important: getting a $100 one for only $30.

6” Amazon Fire Tablet
30% off the tablet from the Amazon People. Good tablet to pick up if you are in need.

Mystic Hotel by Charlie Palmer,  Union Square, San Francisco
Boutique hotel run by the James Beard Award Winner. Great for culinary enthusiasts looking to take a trip to the Bay Area for 41% off.

Nota bene: If you buy through these links, InsideHook may earn a small share of the profits on some items

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