What, You've Never Seen a Levitating Incense Diffuser?

Welcome to the home of the future, where everything floats

By Alex Lauer

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01 June 2017

All my old baja-jacket-wearing high school classmates take note: there’s a better way to burn incense.

It’s called Yun, and it's currently funding on Kickstarter.

On first glance, it appears to be a UFO emitting some sort of milky, hypnotic smoke. Wait, it’s actually an extraterrestrial egg secreting toxic fumes. Ah, no, it’s simply the latest in a long string of levitating crowdfunding projects, as The Verge points out.

Jokes aside, it’s a vessel for burning incense. But one where the design matches the essence of the gesture, which is why the Kickstarter page refers to it as both a “mindfulness device” and “aroma spaceship.” Has anyone told Gwyneth Paltrow about this?

The setup includes agarwood and/or sandalwood incense cones, a pod for their safekeeping, and a plug-in base. Electromagnetic technology creates the levitation, but the campaign explains that getting the pod to hover in the first place is a delicate act. One that, in their words, “will give yourself time to calm down and concentrate.”

Intriguing thought. But saying the setup of Yun is part of the mindfulness experience is sort of like if IKEA said that building their chairs was a way to calm the mind before sitting in them.

Should you be intrigued, you can pick up a package for $115.

On the other hand, should you be skeptical of Kickstarter (and rightfully so) or not want to wait until October to get your floating aromatics on, just order a Levitating X cup or plate and throw some incense sticks in there. Problem solved.

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