The Man Responsible for the Ferrari Enzo Just Made a Thing

99 out of 100 Lambo mods are for the worse. Meet the outlier.

By Shari Gab

The Man Responsible for the Ferrari Enzo Just Made a Thing
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23 August 2017

When it comes to fancying up a Lambo, owners have historically missed the mark. Take this clown and his gold leopard-print ride peppered with punk spikes.

The issue is that these machines are so mind-blowingly flashy to begin with: it's nigh impossible to add any bells and whistles without putting the car in caricature.

But this “Code 0” Aventador redesign bucks the trend. It's the brainchild of Ken Okuyama, the ex-Pininfarina staffer responsible for a little thing called the Ferrari Enzo. The man really needs no introduction, but if you’re just catching wind of him now, his handiwork also includes the Code 9 (based on the Lotus Elise), the Code 57 (a Ferrari 599) and a line of sharp high-performance eyewear he sells internationally.

Code 0 (7 images)

These days, Okuyama primarily does restomods for supercar owners/makers that want something sui generis. Code 0 cost around $1.5 million, and each unit takes about six months to complete. As was the case with the Code 57, only five total editions will be created via point company Fusion Motors.

But my, oh my, is it worth it.

Under the hood, the Code 0 Aventador remains largely unchanged, with the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 and seven-speed single-clutch paddleshift gearbox intact. The interior, for the most part, also goes unchanged, aside from the addition of some green and blue accents.

Obviously it's the coachwork where the Code 0 really shines, and quite literally. Okuyama shaves down any distracting crevices to recreate the traditional wedge shape of yesteryear Lambos (looking at you, Diablo). From the rear, the exhaust has been rearranged, and Okuyama has integrated an impressive reverse light that extends all the way across the bumper.

If you’re new to Japanese motorsports in general, let this be your wake-up call. The entire culture is completely mental in the best way possible, and Code 0 is its new poster child.

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