Kayak Now Has a Tool That Gives 9-5ers a Sneaky Way to Book Travel at Work

It's a Boss Button for vacation planning, basically

By Diane Rommel

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06 April 2017

Not totally feeling your job? Kayak's just made taking off for parts unknown that much easier. 

The popular travel-booking site did some research — and it turned out that the prime time for buyers is Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon. Chances are, most browsers are at work at that time of day — meaning that they're quite possibly browsing while hiding that particular tab. How to proceed? 

Kayak has a solution — the equivalent of a boss button. Located at work.kayak.com, the alternative layout reconfigures the site's already rather minimalist aesthetic for something that, at a glance — perhaps as your boss walks from the restroom back to their cubicle — might easily be mistaken for an Excel spreadsheet (unless they're privy to the on-brand bright orange search button). 

Really, it's not that different — maybe 10 percent less immediately suspicious than Kayak's usual, not-very-suspicious-at-all homepage. But it's fun, and we appreciate their concern for our business relations. After all, those one-way — er, round-trip — tickets to Bali don't pay for themselves. 

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