This Inflatable Lounger Is Set To Pump Up Your Summer

Kaisr’s Air Lounge inflates in just two fell swoops

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This Inflatable Lounger Is Set to Pump Up Your Summer
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15 April 2016

Kaisr’s Air Lounge is an inflatable lounge chair for people who hate inflatable lounge chairs. The Amsterdam-based design team has made a portable chair for anyone who’s ever had to endlessly hand-pump a plastic thingamajig just to relax.

That’s more work than it should be, no? The Air Lounge, on the other hand, inflates with just “two scoops” of air. Constructed from lightweight yet durable parachute fabric, the waterproof bean bag also features a built-in bottle opener and pockets to store your gadgetry.

Kaisr Inflatable Air LoungeFor the beach. For the backyard. For your next summer adventure.2:04

This “scooping” design makes a difference — it’s an easy recipe for more relaxed beach days and better after-BBQ naps. The 700-liter inflatable chair is strong enough to support three adults for up to eight hours, and comes in a variety of colors including electric blue, hot pink and camouflage.

Orders are set to ship next month and prices are locked in at $84 for a limited time.

Get pumped.

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Kaisr Air Lounge

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