Did You Know John Deere Also Makes Badass, Military-Spec UVs?

These ain’t your grandpappy's lawnmowers

By Kirk Miller

M Gator
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17 July 2018

Nothing runs like a Deere, they say. And in some cases, nothing runs from one, either.

Better known as manufacturers of agricultural equipment, John Deere also produces a lineup of rugged utility vehicles better suited for worksites and, well, war zones.

Witness their Military Gator XUVs.

Two models here: The A1 features a rifle mount, keyless ignition, foldable rollover bar and a front litter carrier that can hold up to 250 lbs of cargo. It’s also Airdrop-certified and can run on either diesel or JP-8 jet fuel. If you’re storming the beach (or hills), this is your ride.


Meanwhile, the A3-T (pictured above) is a U.S. Army-approved all-terrain maintenance vehicle better suited for transporting personnel, tools and cargo across airfields.

It’s all part of a larger line of John Deere's military-ready UVs, which they've been producing for decades ... including the autonomous R-Gator, which was unveiled back in 2004. Take that, Elon Musk.

H/t Uncrate

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