Buckle Up: We’re One Step Closer to Personal Flying Cars

One big hurdle? Safety.

By Kirk Miller

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02 February 2017

You might not be zipping through the sky in the near future, but your commute could be getting a lot easier.

The California-based JetPack Aviation — the first company to design and manufacture a true jetpack for personal flight, as we’ve mentioned before — has just released plans for a flying car.

Their VTOL, currently in concept phase, is a single-seat electric multicopter promoted for commuter use — it’ll even fit in your garage, thanks to center arms that fold in.

According to a New Atlas interview with JetPack co-founder David Mayman, the 12-rotor VTOL will potentially reach 90 MPH and operate for about 20 minutes before a recharge. It’s actually closer to a manned drone than a flying car. Eventually, Mayman hopes that the “100 to 1,000 feet” above the highway will be available for use.

One of the big problems? Safety — as Mayman notes, a 350-lb vehicle falling 50 feet from the air is going to need an advanced parachute and airbag system.

So air travel or not — safe to say there's still a few bumps on the road.

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