JetBlue's Holiday Flash Sale Starts at $49 for One-Way Tickets

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By Tanner Garrity

JetBlue's Holiday Flash Sale Starts at $49 for One-Way Tickets
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18 December 2018

Didn't travel enough this year? Don't worry about it. JetBlue, as budget airlines are wont to do, has gone full cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Its "Dash Sale" is currently offering some downright silly deals for early 2019, with one-way and round-trip flights out of 60 different American and Caribbean airports hanging out in the sub-$100 and $200 realms, respectively. 

Your marching orders: book your flight(s) by 11:59 p.m. tomorrow, December 19th. Make sure you're within the required travel window (the overarching range is 1/08-3/27, though some routes are offering deals only for 1/08-2/28), be mindful of blackout days at the end of February (2/14-2/25) and choose dates from Monday-Thursday for the best deals. 

While New York has the most to choose from (JetBlue's headquartered there), with three airports offering flights to everywhere from Bermuda to Denver to Mexico City, cities like Providence, Jacksonville and Cleveland also have multiple departure options. 

Basically, if you're willing to poke around, you'll find a deal. A couple trip ideas from us: Spring Training begins in Florida on February 23rd, while Puerto Rico's open and eager for visitors. You could also "JetBlue hop" and string a number of cities together from the list. Or, you can just throw a proverbial dart at destination from the list and go all-in. Looks like we've got some research to do on Curaçao.

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Safe travels. 

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