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Meru Farms: Rare, limited edition java

  • 27 December 2013

During the hectic holidays, we call coffee our “jingle-all-the-way juice.”

Keeps our motor running. Keeps our powder dry.

And this is our java of choice: Meru Coffee, from Tanzania, available stateside for a limited time.

Meru Farms is delectable small-batch, direct-trade coffee sourced from farm families near the volcanic slopes of Mt. Meru, about 40 miles from Kilimanjaro.

Most of the year you can’t buy it direct.

MeruBut recently, Meru began setting aside a few thousand pounds from their own “reserves” to sell directly to consumers.

Now brewing on the Farm: a medium-roasted Boma blend, a nutty Maasai espresso (featuring “a hint of victory in each sip”) and even K-Cup-compatible capsules for your once-dreaded office Keurig.

There’s even a trendy coffee beans subscription model.

But you’ll want to focus on Peaberry Select. Peaberries are oval beans that roast better, but only account for 5% of all coffee beans harvested. They're a limited offering, with medium body, no bitterness and tangible citrus notes.

You will be doing yourself a considerable disservice if you don’t use a French press.

Be warned: “Once it runs out, it’s gone until next year.” Order now, or you’ll have to wait until “mid-summer 2014.”

A long time to wait for a good cup of coffee.

Nota bene: Use HOOK10 at checkout for 10% off of your order. 

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Meru Farms Coffee


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