You’ll Never Be James Bond, but You Can Get $150 Off His ‘Skyfall’ Jacket

An updated version of his waxed cotton Barbour coat is on sale

By Alex Lauer

You’ll Never Be James Bond, but You Can Get $150 Off His ‘Skyfall’ Jacket
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10 December 2018

Despite more recent retractions, it’s common knowledge that Daniel Craig hasn’t always wanted to reprise the role of James Bond (“I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists.”). Meanwhile, the rest of us would give up just about anything to swap lives with the spy. 

Good news on that front: embodying Bond is now easier than ever, as the updated version of the jacket he wore in Skyfall, the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket, is currently $150 off.

It’s a sartorial departure from the impossibly pliant suits he dons for the majority of the films, but you’ll remember this tartan-lined waxed cotton number from Skyfall's Scottish highland scenes. The reinforced elbows and shoulders, as well as the robust bellow pockets on the front and zip pockets on the back, are all nods to Barbour’s utilitarian history. But even if you’re not using it for shooting practice and/or you're not Daniel Craig, it's still handsome as all get out. 


As we mentioned before, this is not the exact version worn in Skyfall. That jacket was a collaboration between Barbour and Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida. But as you can guess, once the movie came out, that limited-edition line sold out almost instantly. Since then, Barbour has released two similar versions — first the Dept. (B) Commander and now the Beacon Sports Jacket. The main differences are that the original had a removable hood (though Bond never wears the hood in the film) and there is no longer a wind-blocking flap behind the jacket’s front closures (but, again, Bond left it unbuttoned much of the time anyway), as Bond Lifestyle notes.

Beyond the current $150 discount at END., the retailer also pays the import duties (because Barbour is based in the U.K.) and offers free shipping.

Take that, Bezos.


Photo via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Columbia Pictures
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