For Your Eyes Only: An Inside Look at the New James Bond Museum

It's set to open in the Austrian Alps next month

By Evan Bleier

For Your Eyes Only: An Inside Look at the New James Bond Museum
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14 June 2018

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If you’d like to see what it’s like to walk a mile in James Bond’s shoes in a literal sense, pick up a pair of these puppies.

To do it in a more figurative sense, planning a trip to the 007 Elements museum in the Ötztal Alps in Austria may be in order.

Located nearly 10,000 feet above sea level in close proximity to the ice Q restaurant in Sölden, Austria that was used during the filming of Spectre, 007 Elements is a “cinematic installation” composed of galleries and exhibits highlighting the signature elements of a Bond film.

Accessible via cable car, the bespoke building was created specifically to replicate a Bond-like environment, so visitors feel as if they are walking through the world of 007 inside of it.

Photo: Christoph Nosig

Comprised of nine chambers — Barrel of the Gun, Plaza, Lobby, Lair, Briefing Room, Tech Lab, Action Hall, Screening Room, and Legacy Gallery — in all, the museum is split between a timed installation offering a series of programmed sequences and an assortment of galleries.

Using emotive soundscapes, dramatic programmed lighting, and high-quality visual projections, the multi-sensory journey within 007 Elements was designed to be both immersive and informative as well as give visitors an experience closer to a movie than a traditional museum.

“007 ELEMENTS extracts the experiential fundamentals of a Bond film and brings them to life using innovative technology, theatrical presentation, and interactive installations,” according to the museum. “It is a purpose-built, next-generation experience that places visitors inside the world of 007 while also revealing how that world is created.”

007 Elements (6 images)

Built within the summit of Mount Gaislachkogl’s peak, the museum was constructed primarily of the basic materials of concrete, steel and glass to keep with the modern brand identity of 007.

Set to open next month, the museum’s exterior will be completely covered with rock and ice once it is completed, leaving only the entrance, exit, two projected windows and the Plaza exposed.

Get your tickets ready and remember, “geschüttelt, nicht gerührt” is “shaken, not stirred,” in German.

Photos via Kristopher Grunert (except where indicated)

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