Your Own Personal Benihana, Right This Way

First one to make an onion volcano wins

By Reuben Brody

Your Own Personal Benihana, Right This Way
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15 June 2017

It’s summer, and you’ve invited the friends and fam over for a little backyard cookout. You’re lording over the grill when suddenly every man in earshot (buddies, dad et al) starts wandering over with unsolicited grilling wisdom to impart.

Step aside, plebe! For I am the one who knows how to cook the meats best!

This exercise in performed masculinity tends to spoil the occasion. What's that they say about cooks in the kitchen?  

jag grill (4 images)

But there's a new way to deal with this problem, beleaguered pitmaster:  the Jag Grill, an octagonal table set around a firepit and a charcoal grill with eight grill tops, one for each seat. There’s even a tiered system that lets you raise the center so you can slow-cook items like veggies and buns away from the heat.

Now everyone can cook whatever it is they want, how they want. Bonus: the veg folk in attendance can also have their own blood-free zones (unless they've brought Impossible Burgers ... the veg burger that bleeds). 

And in the event you do want to settle who has the best rib-charring technique, the individual stations will serve as a perfect Top Chef-type set. 

Bon appétit.

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