Vacation Like a Kennedy in Their Sprawling Country Home

The Jackie O-designed estate is a piece of history for sale

By Diane Rommel

Vacation Like a Kennedy in Their Sprawling Country Home
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28 August 2017

So you were looking for a presidential-style personal retreat? 

Perhaps a horse farm? Deep in the hills of rolling Virginia countryside? 

Good news: There's one on the market

wexford (7 images)

Wexford, the name Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis gave to her secluded retreat, is available for just under $4 million. Which, when you think about how insane the luxury housing market can be, is a miracle. 

Well, it's a miracle if you really like horses. Truth: You're going to need to redo the interiors, unless you're donating them to be used as a historical landmark (there's a lot of floral drapery). The color scheme? A little loud. You may, in fact, have no idea that mustard could—or should—be paired with electric blue. 

But the land. 

The land is beautiful. 

And the history: top-notch. "Wexford" was a reference to the Irish county where J.F.K.'s family lived before leaving for collective better futures in the U.S. in the 19th century. 

Kennedy, for what it's worth, apparently hated it. 

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