Is This Floating Concept Car the Future Of Racing?

It’s basically Hyperloop meets Formula 1

By Michael Howard

You Know Those Flying Cars We Were Promised? They Just Got Better.
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11 August 2016

Last year it was phubbing. Before that it was the cronut and affluenza.

This newest portmanteau de rigueur? Mag-lev.

Granted, magnetic levitation has been patented since 1905, but the term and technology have only recently become a commonplace reality. Mag-lev whiskey glasses lift your spirits. Japan’s mag-lev train can exceed 370 mph without the slightest bump. And now it’s only a matter of time before mag-lev racing is here. And we’ve got the blueprints to prove it.

Designer Dong-Hoon recently presented this intricate layout of his GAMMA concept car for Le Mans 2030. Among the features that could become a racing reality:

  • A gas engine to supplement a separate magnetic engine
  • Independently steered wheels that only touch ground on turns
  • Independently powered wheels via kinetic and magnetic energy combined
  • Wheel casings to streamline the air resistance of breakneck speeds

And sexiness. Lots of sexiness.

Via Yanko Design

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