This Is How Much You Need to Invest Each Day to Retire a Millionaire

Starts at around the price of a cup of coffee

By Kirk Miller

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02 January 2017

Hoard those pennies, kids.

Writing for Business Insider, author David Bach (Smart Couples Finish Rich) recently calculated how much you’d need to invest each day to become a millionaire by the age of 65. Assuming an average 12% annual return on an IRA or 401K and not taking taxes into account — big assumptions there — you get the following:

If you start at 55, you’d need to invest $156.12 each day, or about $57,000 a year. If you start just five years earlier, at 50, you can cut those amounts in half. At 40? You’d just need to start with $20 and some change per day (or, as your hacky editor would say, “About one coffee at Starbucks, amiright?”)

Oh, and millennials? $3.57 per day for 40 years.

Start saving.

Via Business Insider

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