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Three stellar reasons to stay in this winter

  • 02 February 2014

Something frigid this way blows. You may have heard.

Call it a polar vortex, or the bastard son of El Niño, or just a really, really good reason to stay inside for the next two months and change.

Another reason: The Ultimate Winter Hibernation Package – good for three romantic dinners-snowed-in, a year’s worth of wine deliveries and the best wireless speakers in the game, all courtesy Blue Apron, Club W and yours truly.

Enter to win here.

What the package gets you:

  • A Blue Apron box (recipes and fresh ingredients for three gourmet meals; serves two) and kitchen essentials kit (pots, pans, knives, other things one wields whilst cooking)
  • A one-year membership to Club W, who deliver three bottles of premium wine tailored to your tastes monthly
  • And one set of SONOS wireless speakers (We have a set at InsideHook HQ; they’re muy bueno. True story.)

So gather some firewood, break out the flannel and send us your entry.

We’ll see you come spring.

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