Inflatable Tent Hooks Up to Your Bike, Makes Hikers Cry

Good thing you brought that bike pump

By Tanner Garrity

Inflatable Tent Hooks Up to Your Bike, Makes Hikers Cry
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12 June 2018

Bikepacking: You've probably heard of it.

And if you haven't, well, it doesn't need much of an explanation. It's just like traditional overnight backpacking ... except you're on a bike. Which offers a few advantages over backpacking on foot — namely, that you can carry a lot more sh*t if you so choose.

Like: this ingenious inflatable tent from Austrian brand Gentletents.

b turtle (4 images)

The B-Turtle is a 66-lb. aluminum wheel trailer with a two-person tent that inflates in two minutes, all attachable to your bike via drawbar. It offers a perfect compromise for those who don’t feel like walking/carrying, but also don’t want to drive a massive camper around the backroads.

When fully inflated, expect 4.25 feet of overhead space, three mosquito net-covered windows and even a little mudroom of sorts … which the makers call an awning. And for those worried about having to tow all that weight, this is the perfect time to invest in an e-bike. You’ll be plugging along, easy.

Find more info and pricing here.

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