Now Every Car Can Have a Head-Up Display

Eyes on the road, pal

By The Editors

This Thing Projects Directions onto Your Windshield
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29 October 2015

The appeal of an automotive head-up display: safety.

Instead of glancing from smartphone to road and back again, tennis spectator-style, you get a pilot’s view: instruments, navigation and two lanes of blacktop all laid out in front of you.

And they look pretty damn cool to boot.

Especially this one: Hudway Glass, a super simple, super smart device that turns your smartphone into a head-up display, no matter the car you drive.

The Hudway glass lives on your dashboard and works like so: place your phone in the cradle and fire up the app, and you’ll instantly receive GPS navigation and a speedometer display beamed right onto a display screen on your dashboard.

You get the assist you need without the distraction.

Check out the video below, and head on over to Kickstarter for more info.

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