How to Hide a Kitchen

"Where's the blender?" "Behind the trapdoor."

By The Editors

How to Hide an Entire Kitchen
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04 November 2015

Some men want gleaming, Nancy Meyers-style kitchens engineered for cooking restaurant-quality five-course meals and hosting the whole damn neighborhood.

And some men just want somewhere to store the owner's manuals that came with our appliances. 

It's to this latter group that this new kitchen will most appeal. 

This Victorian terrace in Sydney, with interiors by Minosa Designs, is a wonder to look at: herringbone parquet, boundless light, Calcutta marble. 

That is, when it's not completely hidden from view. For this is a kitchen "that almost disappears," as requested by a pair of clients who "did not want to see appliances." Everything inside stows behind a series of doors and covers — which, when all closed up, leaves the space looking like a hallway. 

Which, for some of us, is exactly what we want from our kitchens.

The Specifics

How to Hide a Kitchen

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